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FYI: How much does a NBA 10 day contract pay?

January 16th, 2009 by Dr Hoopz

The signing of F/C Darius Miles to the Memphis Grizzles for a 10 day contract has caused quite the stir.  Not only for the NBA, Portland but for the writers at LA Hoopz.  The Hoopz Staff wants to know how much will D-Miles earn over his contract?  Money is money to all ballers, so we want to explain how much dough he will be earning over the 10 days.  Below is a compiled answer:

The minimum salary a 10-day contract can offer is the # of days in the contract divided by the # of days in the regular season multiplied by the minimum annual salary. Note that 10-day does not mean 10 games.

Minimum salary is $300,000
# of days in NBA regular season is 170

Salary = 10/170 x $300,000 = $17,700

Guess this is not what the Portland Trailblazers had hoped, despite Kevin Pritchard effort to send out emails that would help them save approximately $18 million for this season and next.  Good luck Portland and D-Miles, it’s a long season.  GO BLAZERS! 


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