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Players and teams are listed below.

Listed Information:
Team/Player, Result, Division, Year

Supreme Division = SD
Competitive Division = CD
Recreational Division = RD


Tru Ballerz CD Spring 2011
Hoop Dreams | Revived RD Spring 2011
No Mercy, CD Summer 2010
No Mercy, CD Winter ‘09
Give It To You Later, CD Summer ‘09


Mark Wilson CD Spring 2011
Byron Bloomquist RD Spring 2011
Gene Shepherd, CD, Summer 2010
Kyle Guillory, CD, Winter '09
Dan Zinchuk, CD, Summer ‘09

Defensive Player of The Year

William T.B. King CD Spring 2011
Ben Blanchard RD Spring 2011
Jordan Rush, CD, Summer 2010
Reggie Williams, CD, Winter '09
Miles Phillips, CD, Summer ‘09

Sixth Man of the Year

Cory Aycock CD Spring 2011
Cory Aycock, CD, Summer 2010
Cory Aycock, CD, Winter '09
Berry Canty, CD, Summer ‘09

Sportsmanship Award

Bart Blackbird CD Spring 2011
"Coach", CD, Summer 2010
Josh Novak, CD, Winter '09
Chris Luevano, CD, Summer ‘09

3 Point Hot Shot Champion

Kurt Uhler CD Spring 2011
Clayton King, CD, Summer 2010
Kenny Jones, CD, Winter '09

Dunk-Off Champion
Kenny Jones, CD, Summer 2010

Most Points in a Game

Chris Anderson 57 points, MFA 8.0, RD, Summer 2011
Dan Zinchuk, 47 pts, GITYL, CD, Summer ‘09

Highest Points per Game Average

Kyle Guillory, 32.8 PPG, CD, Winter '09

Most Assists in a Season

Alexander Cuba, 6.1 APG, Usual Suspects, CD, Summer ‘09

Most Steals in a Season

Reggie Williams, 3.4 SPG, CD, Winter '09

Most Rebounds in a Season

Dan Zinchuk, 14.6, GITYL, CD, Summer ‘09